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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Malaysia Agricultural Park, Shah Alam, Selangor

The Malaysia Agriculture Park is the first and so far the only agro-forestry park in the world. Initiated by the Agriculture Ministry in 1986, the Park displays the various agricultural forms and modes used in the country againts a splendid backdrop of virgin jungle.

The main objective of the 1,295 hectare park is to serve as a permanent exhibition centre for the development and progress of agriculture in the country. It also aims to act as a referral and research centre for the various fields of agriculture such as farming, animal husbandry and fish rearing. Ultimately, it is hoped that the Park would provide the inspiration and the impetus for the growth and development of the country's agricultural sector.

Its beauty and uniqueness have prompted the Ministry to open up the Park to the general public so that they too may savor the splendor and the wealth of the nation's agricultural heritage. The response to the move has been so encouraging that the Park no longer confines itself to just serving the local populace but caters for a fast growing number of foreign tourists as well. The development of the Agriculture Park along its agro- forestry concept is an ongoing process. In due course, more attractions will be developed in accordance with the master plan for the Park. At present the following attractions and facilities are found in the Park.

Facilities : Bus Services, Bicycle Rental, Pony Ride, Horse Cart Ride, Jungle TrekkingFood Stalls, Accommodation, Lamping

People come here to either explore, or for recreation. One of the many reasons to why the park is visited by many is because of the many activities that is in store for the visitors. Services provided are live demonstrations, cultural exhibits, accomodation, permanent displays and descriptions, and activities for educational purposes.Families and friends come her to relax, or to enjoy a picnic.

How to get thereOwn Transport : From Kuala Lumpur or Klang, take the exit on the Federal Highway to Shah Alam town and follow the road signs to the park.

Operating hours : Tues thru Sun : 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
( Closed on Mondays, except on public and school holidays)

Taman Pertanian Malaysia
Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam,
40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel : (603) - 5510 6922 / 5510 6923
Fax: (603) - 5510 0922

Malaysia Agricultural Park, Shah Alam, Selangor

Trip to Malaysia Agricultural Park, Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Date : 28 Januari 2007

This Park will not escape the natural changes wrought by time and the development designed by man. The planners of the Agriculture Park, however, want to direct the changes that will be complementary and not contradictory to nature.

The forested areas of the Park will be allowed to mature undisturbed, consequently towering trees with large girth and solid branches will dominate the forest. Standing more than 150 feet above the ground and supported by massive buttress roots, the majestic dipterocarps will crowd the forest where once only small trees reigned. The secondary forest of Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam will mature and stabilize into a "primary" forest.

Malaysia Agriculture Park is one and the only park in the world with agro forestry concept. It covers an area of 1,258 hectares and is divided into demonstration plots for agriculture activities.

Winter Season at Malaysia Agricultural Park


It is steaming hot with temperatures reaching 27 C and humidity 85%. There is hardly any breeze and the unelaborated sweat glues your shirt to your body. Walking through a forest when the sun is high is exhausting and sticky. That is what winter is like at sea-level in Malaysia.

But technology has changed all that. Hidden snugly among the trees of the Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam rainforest is a spot of creativity and innovation where technology coaxes nature to misplace itself. For here it is real winter with snow, icicles and temperature below -5 C.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Kampung ku indah permai.... my peace malaysia

My wife's village at Kampung Sungai Sireh, Tanjung Karang, Selangor. Thats my beautiful and peaceful country. I love Malaysia.
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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Melaka Night Zoo at day...

Welcome to Day & Night Zoo.
Date : 23 June 2005

Melaka Zoo

Zoo Melaka with an area of 21.2 ha is situated in Ayer Keroh, which is a well known tourism destination in Melaka. The zoo was established in 1963 and originally under the Melaka State Government but its management was taken over by The Department of Wildlife and National Parks (PERHILITAN) in 1979. The zoo total annual operating expenditure is about RM2 million. The zoo employ 66 employees in four major divisions, namely Administration, Veterinary, Curatory and Zoo Extensions.

Zoo Melaka has progressed rapidly to be the second biggest zoo in the country. The number of exhibits have increased five-fold since 1979. At present, there are a total of over 1200 specimen made up of 215 species of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians in the zoo. The total annual visitation is about 400 000 people and more than half are people from Melaka and the neighbouring states. The major attractions of Zoo Melaka are the Sumatran Rhinoceros, Malayan Gaur, Serow and the Indochinese Tiger. In line with the current zoo development, Zoo Melaka adopted an Open Concept and maintains the natural green environment.

Open Hour: 9.00 am- 6.00 pm everyday
Entrance Fee: Adult - RM7.00 / Children - RM4.00

Friday, Saturday and Sunday -8.00 pm - 11.30 pm
Entrance Fee (NIGHT ZOO) Adult : RM 10.00 Children : RM 5.00

Merdeka Square / Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

The world's tallest flagpole. Malaysia Boleh!

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Merdeka Square

Facing the Sultan Abdul Samad Building is Dataran Merdeka or Merdeka Square, an immaculately-turfed 8.2 hectare area of historical interest.

A 100 metre-high flagpole rising from Merdeka Square is the tallest in the world, and marks the spot where the Malayan Flag was hoisted on August 31, 1957 signifying the independence of the country from British rule.

You may able to see the Malaysian Armed Forces and Royal Malaysian Police bands take turns to perform at the square every third Saturday of the month from 5pm to 6pm.

The Dataran Merdeka (Merdeka Square), a field fronting the Royal Selangor Club, resounded to the cries of "Merdeka" on that night and Malaysias converge on the square each year to relive the moment the country gained its independence.

Formerly known as the Padang, the field was extensively used for cricket, hockey, tennis and rugby matches until the mid-nineties when the whole area was rebuilt to accommodate an underground parking lot and shopping, restaurant, complex. Today, it is still used for cricket matches.

he Tudor-style Royal Selangor Club built in 1910 rests on one corner of the square, where KL's elites meet. You may see a large video screen displaying religious messages and advertisements here.

The Club served as a social centre for Kuala Lumpur¡¦s British residents; its doors are now open to anyone who can afford the membership fees. In keeping with die-hard customs women are still not allowed entry to the bar, except by invitation.

At the opposite end of the square is an inviting spot where visitors can relax amid soothing rushing waters of fountains, elegant colonnades and colourful beds of zinnias and marigolds.

Beneath the square is Plaza Putra, an underground food, leisure and entertainment complex.
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National Monument, Kuala Lumpur

National Monument / Tugu Negara

National Monument.

As you travel along Jalan Parlimen and towards the Lake Gardens, close to Parliment House stands the National Monument or Tugu Negara.

It is a great bronze sculpture erected to commemorate the soldiers who gave up their lives in the triumph during World War II and the Emergency (1948-60).

It was designed by the famous sculptor, Felix de Weldon, who also designed the Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington. The 15.54 metre high bronze monument depicts seven soldiers symbolising the seven qualities of leadership.
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Sunset at Terengganu Beach

My kids, sunset beach....


Terengganu is one of the Malaysian state which is endowed with a wealth of charming and refreshing natural landscapes. She has beaches, exotic islands, lush virgin tropical jungle, quaint fishing villages, dazzling waterfalls and many, many more. Her miles and miles of white, sandy beaches and crystal clear water stretches throughout its 225 km coastline, extending from Besut in the north to Kemaman in the South. Her islands are among the most picturesque and fascinating in the country. From its myriad of colourful pastimes which include batik printing and songket weaving to the rapturous celebration of its many generations of cultural and traditional heritage, Terengganu is indeed a very blessed state.

Terengganu's population, which stands at approximately 1 million people, consists of 90% Malays, with the rest being made up of Chinese and Indians. The pace of life in Kuala Terengganu, its capital state, and all the towns and villages in Terengganu is unhurried and unaffected by the hustle and bustle of a big city.

Terengganu's history goes back to as far as the 1st century and has long been an important area of Malay settlement. Throughout the time up to the present day, Terengganu has been ruled by 16 Sultans.
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

One Night at Terengganu

Terengganu, my hometown...

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Fraser's Hill, Pahang

Fraser's Hill, Pahang. 1st - 2nd April 2006.

Fraser's Hill

Delight In The Cool Comfort Of A Hilltop RetreatFraser's Hill derives its name from one of the more colourful characters in Colonial history, James Louis Fraser, an adventurer and fortune hunter. Stories about his life, included rumours that he managed an opium and gambling den that was frequented by miners. However, in the early 1900's, J.L. Fraser vanished, never to be heard from again. Later, in 1917, a couple of clergymen rediscovered Fraser's Hill on one of their wanderings. Realising its potential as a Colonial hill station, they managed to garner enough support from the authorities to built a road linking the Kuala Lumpur - Bentong / Kuantan Highway to Fraser's Hill.

When the popularity of Fraser's Hill grew, the expatriate community at that time took to building holiday bungalows on the higher slopes to get away from the unbearable heat of the lowlands. Fraser's Hill at one time was the playground of rich miners and planters from the surrounding areas. One of Malaysia's earliest Golf courses was constructed on Fraser's Hill in 1925 by engineer Frank Hemmant.Cool throughout the year at average temperatures of 58'F to 65'F, the attraction of Fraser's Hill as a tourist resort has not diminished through the years.
Today, Fraser's Hill is popular as a site for company retreats and weekends. The golf fanatic will find enough here to occupy his days and non golfers may just decide to while aways their time horseback riding or simply strolling down the picturesque lanes that weave through the green countryside. The fresh mountain air is cool and invigorating and when dusk falls, the mist that blows in brings back memories of a simple, gentle era.
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Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Eye on Malaysia

New update today 21 January 2007

The Eye on Malaysia, the largest portable ‘observation wheel’ in the world. Click Eye on Malaysia or here for more.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kuala Lumpur - Getting There

Kuala Lumpur - Getting There

I Taxis I Commuter Trains I LRT I Railway I Buses I Self-Drive I
I on Foot I
Public Transport to & from KLIA I

The fare is RM2 for the first 2km and 10 sen for every 200 metres thereon. A surcharge of 50% is levied between midnight and 6.00am.

Commuter Trains
KTM Komuter operates speedy electric train services from the KL railway station to designated points within the city as well as to Port Klang, Seremban, Kajang and Rawang.

Light Rail Transit (LRT)
There are 2 LRT lines - STAR and PUTRA. Daily operating hours are 6.00am - 12.00pm. Stored value tickets can be purchased at any LRT station.

In Malaysia, all tracks lead to Kuala lumpur. Two main railway lines operate for passenger service. One runs along the west coast from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and Bufterworth, then meets the Thai railways at the border. The other line travels up to the north-eastern part of the peninsular near Kota Bahru, also meeting up with Thai railway.

Travelling in public buses is one of the best ways to see Kuala lumpur. Major bus lines servicing the city and suburban areas are lntrakota, Metro and Cityliner.

Bus stations:
Klang Bus Station
To Petaling Jaya, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Shah Alam and Port Klang.

Jalan Sultan Mohamad Bus Station
To Bangsar, Petaling Jaya (Old Town), Kelana Jaya, Jalan Pantai, Bukit Damansara and Subang.

Bangkok Bank Bus Station
To Selayang Baru, Segambut Dalam and Batu Caves. Pudu Raya Bus Station To Seri Kembangan, Sungai Besi Camp, Balakong, Taman Seri Serdang and Kajang.

Lebuh Ampang Bus Station
To Taman Greenwood, Kg. Air Panas, Sri Gombak, Taman Setapak and 12th Mile Gombak.

Kota Raya Shopping Complex/Menara Maybank
To Jalan Cheras, Sri Petaling, Serdang Lama, Taman Goodwood, Salak South, Sungei Besi, Kampung Pandan, Bandar Tun Razak and Taman Maluri.

Chow Kit Bus Stand
To Kg. Datuk Keramat, Ulu Kelang, Ampang, Cheras, Salak South, Sungai Besi, Petaling Jaya, jalan Kelang Lama, Bangsar, Damansara, Kepong, linjang, Segambut, Selayang, Sentul, Gombak and Jalan Genting Kelang.

Hentian Duta

There are also several bus companies which operate intercity, stage and express bus services to various destinations in the peninsula. Bus stations for interstate buses are located at:

Putra Bus Station (Opposite the Putra World Trade Centre)
To the East Coast. Tel: 03-4042 9530

Pekeliling Bus Station, Jalan Tun Razak
To the East Coast Tel: 03-4042 7256

Pudu Raya Bus Station, Jalan Pudu
To the North & South and Singapore.
Tel: 03-230 0145

Bangunan MARA, Medan MARA, Jalan Raja Laut
To the North & South. Tel: 03-2691 8113

Several Car-Rental agencies offer self-drive cars for hire. If you possess a valid international driving licence, you might prefer the added convenience of driving yourself around town. Arm yourself with a Kuala Lumpur road map, fasten your seat belt (compulsory for front passengers) and you're on your way.

Car Rental
Car rental companies are stationed at the airport, hotels, shopping and office complexes.
Rent-A-Car 2nd Floor, Ming Court Hotel, Jalan Ampang Tel: 03-21611136

Avis Rent-A-Car
40, Jalan Sultan lsmail Tel: 03-2417144

Budget Rent-A-Car
29, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng Tel: 03-2425166

Hertz Rent-A-Car
Lot 214A, International Complex, Jalan Sultan lsmail Tel: 03-2433433

National Car Rental
G47, Wisma HLA, Jalan Raja Chulan
Tel: 03-2480522

Orix Car Rental

No: 5, Jalan Leiu Weng Chee Tel: 03-2488553

SMAS Rent-A-Car
Lot 9, 1st Floor UBN Tower, Jalan P. Ramlee
Tel: 03-2307788

Thrifty Car Rental
Ground Floor, LPPKN Building, Jalan Raja Laut
Tel: 03-26932388

Toyota Rent-A-Car
Gr. Floor, Federal Hotel, Jalan Bukit Bintang
Tel: 03-2438142

Kuala Lumpur on Foot
Set your own pace by taking in the Kuala Lumpur scene on foot. Most streets are lined on either side with wide beautifully paved sidewalks which combine with the shade of the trees to facilitate leisurely walking. There are also ample road signs and guide books to help you find your way around. If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult the friendly locals.

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