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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Travel to Kelantan : Masjid Kampung Laut, Nilam Puri

Classiccs achitecture of Masjid Kampun Laut

Masjid Kampung Laut said as the eldest mosque in Malaysia located at Nilam Puri, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. The most amazing about this mosque, its build without any nail.

Travel to Kelantan : Masjid Jubli Perak

Masjid Jubli Perak aka Masjid Cina

Located just a few kilometres from Rantau Panjang, Masjid Jubli Perak, inspired by Kelantan's Menteri Besar Dato' Seri Tuan Guru Hj Nik Abdul Aziz bin Nik Mat. As this photo taken, the mosque is still under construction.

Travel to Kelantan : Rantau Panjang Free Trade Zone

Entrance to Rantau Panjang Free Trade Zone

Not many photos taken...but only shopping, shopping. hehe

Rantau Panjang Free Trade Zone, the most popular shopping places to come. So, just bring enough money, and buy buy buy. But don't worry, ATM machine is just around.

Travel to Kelantan : Pasar Siti Khadijah

Busy at early morning...

"Etok" one of most popular dish, one of sellfish like clam.

Is that Golok??

'Udang Galah' Prawn RM15 - RM20 each?? uhuhuuu

Finally, we discovered why this pasar named as Pasar Siti Khadijah, because most of the stalls operated by woman. Yeah...salute to them, they conquer them all. Makcik kayo...haha

Travel to Kelantan : Restoran Terapung De' Tunas

Enjoy my dark picture... :(

Feeling hungry?? hehe

Restoran Terapung De' Tunas (De' Tunas Floating Restaurant) located at Pantai Tujuh, Tumpat which is among the best resturant for dining especially who are addicted to seafood.

Special thanks to YB Zaki Ibrahim for the very delicious dinner. hmm yummy....

Travel to Kelantan : Raudhah Hotel

Raudhah Hotel : Affodable & Comfortable

Raudhah Hotel : Family Suite Room

I went to Kelantan for last times. For three days a lot things to tell, but the best way is just let the photos telling all my sweet memories.

Enjoy my photos.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cuti-cuti Malaysia : Gunung Ledang Resort

I went to Gunung Ledang Resort or as known as Gunung Ledang Recreational Forest during last Deepavally. Actually we were going to Segamat to attend my brother's wedding ceremony and found signboard to the waterfall in just 1 km from main Tangkak-Segamat road. So, we decided, why not.

Enjoy my photos and videos.

Read more about Ledang Recreational Forest Park from

Shrouded with mystical legends and folklore, Gunung Ledang continues to charm and intrigue locals and visitors alike. According to the legend of the Princess of Gunung Ledang, the sultan demanded that the beautiful princess present him with seven jars of women's tears, seven trays of mosquitoes' hearts and seven bowls of the sultan's son's blood. Unable to meet these impossible requests, she fled to the mountain and continues to live in a hidden cave.

The mountain is also ideal for a myriad of outdoor activities with challenging mountain trails; icy waterfalls; and exotic flora and fauna including many species of birds. At the relatively flat summit, which is 1,276 metres above sea level, a panoramic view of the Straits of Malacca and Sumatra coastline can been seen on a clear day. Also, a popular picnic spot is the Sagil Waterfall, at the base of the mountain.

Getting there

By road
From the North-South Expressway, the turn-off point is 25km after Ayer Keroh. Head towards Tangkak. Proceed along the pastoral Route 23 for another 6km, past Sagil town, before turning left onto a road in a rubber plantation and proceed another 1km. From here, the route to the foot of Gunung Ledang should be visible.

By Bus or Taxi
A bus service is available to the resort from Tangkak, about 16km away. Taxis can also be hired from Tangkak.

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