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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The State Mosque of Selangor

State Mosque (Masjid Negeri)

Surrounded by the beautiful Shah Alam Lake Gardens, The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque, one of Shah Alam's most famous figure, is one of the symbols highlighting supremacy of the Islam and Muslim sovereignity in Malaysia.

It is also the largest mosque in Malaysia and one of the largest in South East Asia. It was completed in 1988 and officially opened on the 11th of March of the same year.With its large blue and white dome, it is actually one of the biggest dome in the world.

The Sultan, representing the religious head in Selangor, followed the sunnah(tradition) practised by the Prophet Muhammad and initiated the construction of this historic building.

After Shah Alam was declared the capital state of Selangor ( Kuala Lumpur became the Federal Territory of Selangor instead) in 1974, the idea to build a mosque to represent Shah Alam sparked. The Sultan wanted the mosque to have a traditional identity. The location has to be right as well, as it needs to be at a quiet and serence place.

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