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Friday, June 15, 2007

Again at Cherating Beach Resort

My kids playing with water..

See 360 View Video from my Camera

Cherating Beach Resort is one of most popular beaches in Malaysia even in Asia. This my another trip to the peaceful and beautiful with white sandy beach. Enjoy my video and photos here.

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Cherating is located about 45minutes drive from Kuantan. Once a popular beach with hippies and backpackers, Cherating's thunder has somewhat been taken by the islands that have opened up to tourism in recent years such as Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Redang and Pulau Lang Tengah. But when it comes to public holidays and festive seasons ~ all the resorts, hotels, motels and apartments along the famous Cherating stretch are booked up way in advance. Catering to the local holiday makers during these occasions and also the extreme sports enthusiasts during the high waves of the monsoon season (November until February), Cherating is by no means a has-been holiday town. The backpacker huts, bars and pubs remain in business - although not as crowded as it was before in the 80's but many expatriates gravitate towards the area during long weekends of partying or just to chill out.

There have been a fair number of big resorts sprouting up over the decade that have taken up good stretches of the beach but there remains nice, clean stretched where the surfing community swirls up a pretty good time...


forumer said...

Peace n howdy??

Huhu, nice to see my state [Terengganu] is famous here!!! Great job here bro, i love it!!! Keep it up, all da best 2 u :)

goliku said...

Long time didn't visit u. Cherating is my favourite place for holiday especially Impiana Cherating & Pantai Chendor.

I think you have the same taste when come to holidaying in Malaysia. Why go overseas and yet we even can't finish exploring Malaysia, right?

I have more pictures and video on Cherating. Just click vacation and you shall see them. Bye

chot said...

salam kenal...byknya tmpat ko g bercuti...aku cuma xde masa je....

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