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Monday, February 11, 2008

Cuti-cuti Malaysia : Ayer Hitam, Johor

Kalo berkenan, klik gambar, print pastu tunjuk kat tuan kedai...hehe

Ayer Hitam

Ayer Hitam, which literally means 'Black Water' in Malay, has always been referred to as 'the town that never sleeps', because of the busy town streets where the traffic is endless here, as people would stop here for a meal on their way to Johor Bahru an Kuala Lumpur. It will only take less than an hour to reach here if you travel by car from Johor Bahru.

There are many activities for visitors to participate in, some of them include horseback riding, fishing, and camping. Visitors can purchase anything ceramic here, as Ayer Hitam is famous for it. One can buy vases, flowerpots, porcelain, jars, photo frames, and ready-made customized souvenirs.

Not only can visitors browse through the quality souvenirs, visitors can also sample some local food. Among the famous food that is sure to satisfy your stomach are prawn crackers, tapioca chips, steamed corn and the must-have 'otak-otak'(steamed coconut-milk based fish cake). The food are freshly made and prepacked for visitors.

Date of visit : 9 Februari 2008


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