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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Port Dickson Video

Corus Paradise Resort Video


happyman said...

I was in port dickson laz week and i wanted to have some nice drinks over a football mactch and music .. but the only place i was told by the locals was head on to a hotel lobby. i was very supprise to find out there isnt any pub or cafe in the whole of port dickson to cater me and my friends . i suggest Port Dickson should have pubs or cafe's out side hotels so that the visitor can walk in casuall and relaxed . Hotel outlets are expensive and have to be decent attire ( no slippers or shorts) .. Common laaa .. we come to Port Dickson to enjoy and not to spoil the mood . I hope the nex time I come with my frens to Port Dickson . i ll see a normal street pub or cafe . thanks

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